Kidnap and Extortion Kidnap Prevention

Horizon employs a team of highly trained and experienced specialists to deliver services around kidnap and extortion prevention, response, key negotiations, survival and reintegration. In addition, our team is equipped to assist and mentor organisations in formulating and implementing corporate policies and responses.

At all times, our uppermost concern is the safety of the victims and protection of our clients’ assets. This is why we offer a holistic range of services from employee awareness and avoidance education, right through to supporting your organisation fully through any such crisis. Each of our experts has tangible experience in all of these fields.

Our resident Survive, Evade, Resist, Extract (SERE) Instructor has many years experience of delivering this subject in an extremely realistic, practical and effective manner. Due to the recent increase of Active Shooter terrorist incidents in various locations around the world, we feel that this subject and the knowledge that can be gained is becoming more and more relevant.