Hostile Environment First Aid Training (HEFAT) – 4 Days in Duration

Course Overview

Our Hostile Environment First Aid Training (HEFAT) course is specifically designed to the clients organisation and profession. For instance, HEFAT to our foreign diplomatic clients, will be different from field level journalists. The course covers all the relative modules that would be associated against the threat and risks posed within Nigeria and the Sahel Region.

Our course includes both security and emergency medical related subjects to ensure that learners are fully aware and trained for the environments they may operate in. Security lessons consist of:

  • Country threat and risk overviews.
  • Cross cultural awareness and communication.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Residential/Hotel security.
  • Crisis management.
  • Kidnap avoidance and Hostage survival.
  • Journey management/Planning and Navigation.
  • Conflict management/resolution
  • Self-defence.
  • Personal stress management & emotional wellbeing.
  • Bribery and corruption to name a few.

The emergency medical portion of the course teaches learners basic first aid to begin with, then brings these skills to a higher level to deal with trauma, medical and tropical illness related injuries

This culminates at the end of the course; learners are put through a series of scenarios that are based on real life situations that have occurred to test the skills learnt during the course. After training, students will be able to confidently deal with trauma related injuries in a calm and professional manner, thus adding value to themselves, their colleagues and the organization alike.

The course instructors are a mix of UK Special Forces (SAS), UK military, UK frontline Paramedics and Nigerian Mental Health professionals.


Students who successfully complete this course will be issued with a Horizon West Africa certificate of completion which is valid for three (3) years.