Aviation Security

Horizon provides the provision of specialist aviation security in challenging locations across the globe.  Our aviation management team are experienced aviation and security professionals with extensive industry knowledge and a successful track record.

Our service offer includes, but is not limited to:

  • The core service is the provision of certified and managed security staff to physically guard aircraft whilst on the ground at Airports with inadequate security or in a High Threat locations
  • Controlled physical access to the aircraft whilst on the ground
  • Escorting of cargo and catering to/from the secured cargo and catering facilities, and oversight of loading and unloading
  • Enhanced passenger and baggage screening at the gate or at the aircraft steps as required
  • Aircraft Search & crew protection

Ancillary services include:

  • Escorting crew to secure accommodation and providing overnight guards in case of un-scheduled night-stops
  • Pre-check in passenger profiling and passport & visa inspections
  • Independent Ticket Desk functions and DCS control and security

Contact our Aviation Director, Lance Black on +447860834928 for more information or email lance.black@horizon.uk.com to begin your enquiry today.