Manpower Security Risk Management

Horizon specialises in the recruitment of security risk management professionals in both maritime, hostile and corporate security sectors on behalf of a variety of well know organisations and companies. This includes a wide range of services to the shipping, oil and gas sectors as well as the provision of hostile and executive protection teams, including residential security [RST], Tier 2 medical professionals [Paramedics], Operations and Risk Managers to name but a few. All of these serve and support our clients often operating in remote and hostile environments.

Horizon also specialises in security consultancy and has significant experience in providing teams to co-ordinate with and mentor host nations security forces, overseas major strategic changes in security plans and policy within the cooperate environment and other such similar services, with contracts on a truly global scale.

Horizons core recruitment pool is predominantly drawn from ex-British military, although not exclusively, including the Parachute Regiment, Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit, Royal Army Medical Corp, Royal Air Force and British Special Forces. Horizon will also utilise experts from the civilian sectors who have a proven track record of a first class product delivery. We work tirelessly to attract and retain the best people to deliver services on behalf of our clients, always exceeding their expectations in all areas.